Fighting between the Kachin Independence Army and the Myanmar Army recommenced in 2011, after a 17 year ceasefire broke down. Since then, sporadic battles have been fought across the front lines.

Seeking shelter, over 100,000 people now reside in refugee camps in Kachin state. Internally displaced, they stay in temporary shelters on the grounds of religious buildings; most often Catholic and Baptist churches, who offer their land to these people. While relatively safe within the confines of these places of worship, they are living a life of poverty and stagnation. Countless bare physical scars of conflict, while many more suffer from depression and post traumatic stress disorder, having witnessed barbaric crimes carried out by advancing military troops.

 The majority of the displaced are farmers and the devastating destruction to their lands and homes, means that there is little hope of them returning to sow their fields. 

 Produced while on assignment for UNHCR